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The Rewards of Embracing E-commerce Best Practices

Through SynXis Retail Studio, we empower hoteliers to boost ancillary revenue by seamlessly transitioning to a new era of retailing. We have an easy-to-follow setup process, enabling them to extend their offerings to guests—ranging from Policies and Services to Experiences and Goods. 

Adopters who have followed our e-commerce best practices have seen a significant increase in ancillary revenue year over year as seen from September sales, the typical revenue uplift is anywhere from 2 to 7X. 

Adopters saw their ancillary revenue multiply in September 2023 on SynXis Retail Studio vs. their ancillary revenue in September 2022 through other means.  

Let’s delve into our best practices and shared strategies that these successful adopters applied when deploying their virtual stores: 

These three simple yet profound retailing practices drove variety, personalization, choice, and overall enhanced the retailing experience for their guests, ultimately driving increased conversions. 

In contrast to alternative solutions, SynXis Retail Studio’s platform also has advanced capabilities, leveraging powerful features such as predictive analytics, highly configurable offers with price point set-up for individual variants, such as early check-in by 1-hour, 2-hours etc. This robust combination not only enhances overall operational efficiency, but also serves as a catalyst for driving significant additional revenue and thus pay off. 

Contact us for a demo of SynXis Retail Studio and begin exploring ancillary revenues for your hotel today. 

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