MAY 2023 | ISSUE # 6

Retailing Excellence Special

Guest Centricity

By Derek Hervey | Retailing Excellence Lead at Sabre Hospitality

Retailing without the guest as the central focal point will never lead to a happy ending. The sustainable option, Guest Centricity, understands the mindset behind the guests’ engagement, preferences, and likelihood of purchase when handling a product. In this particular case SynXis’ new product, Retail Studio, was on guest trial and proven very valuable. See below as the same methodical guest centric approach to the recent user-study was performed–starting with a few facts and ending with positive results:

Guests Facts:


150 participants were engaged to ensure a 95% confidence level


Multiple screening questions verified primary or equal partnership in travel arrangements, consumption of hotel stay over the last year, inclusion of various demographic/trip segmentation types


Participants were broken down into desktop or mobile testing, 50/50 ratio split


Guaranteed participation spread across multiple regions: North & South America, Europe & Nordic Regions, Middle East & South Africa, Asia & Asia Pacific

Guest Results:

Most engaging features on Retail Studio

Helpfulness in seeing ancillaries when planning a stay

Likelihood to buy ancillaries at the time of booking

Guests have shared lots of positive feedback and excitement about how the offers were presented and qualified their purchases for the following main reasons:

  1. Budget Planning
  2. Trustworthiness of products sponsored by the hotel
  3. Logistics simplified with transportation.

One participant was quoted saying, “It will help me plan my budget before I’ve even gotten there, and I know it will be more reliable because all the goods are services are linked to the hotel…”

Case was easily adjourned.

SynXis Retail Studio’s platform is considered highly engaging, highly preferred and there is a high likelihood of revenue generation by guests. Guests see the value.

Are you ready to drive guest centricity at your property?

with SynXis® Retail Studio™